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Select/Modify Traffic Control Plans (Red Card)
Cost: $ 380.00 (Inc GST)

This course is a requirement for personnel who are required to select and make minor modifications to existing traffic control plans such as Team Leaders and Work Supervisors. 


Note This course does not qualify participants to control traffic with a Stop/Slow bat, set up and work with traffic control plans at a work site, or to design a non standard traffic control plans.


Course content:

- Explain the requirements of a Traffic Management Plan (TMP).

- Describe the set up and close down of a traffic control plan.

- Conduct a risk review for a TCP.

- Make minor site specific modifications to approved traffic control plans.

- Undertake routine daily and weekly inspections of the worksite.


Upon successful completion of the course you will receive:
- RMS Statement of Training 
- Pocket sized card from RMS.

Validity: 3 Years

Nominal course duration: 2 Days



- Adequate literacy and analytical skills. 


        - A minimum of 12 months Demonstrated Industry Experience in Traffic Control, or

        - A minimum of 12 months Demonstrated Industry Experience in Applying Traffic Control Plans, or

        - A minimum of 12 months Demonstrated Industry Experience in roadworks and traffic management, or

        - Hold a current Select/Modify Traffic Control Plans Photo Card.

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"No public dates are currently available for this course please contact us  to organise an onsite course at your workplace,