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Hazardous Substances
Cost: $ 150.00 (Inc GST)

This course aims to familarise organisations and participants with the legal requirements for dealing with hazardous substances


Nominal course duration

3-4 hours


Course content

  • Labelling of containers of hazardous substances.
  • MSDS for hazardous substances and how to access the MSDSs
  • Degree of exposure and routes of entry of the hazardous substances into to the body.
  • The risk assessment process and how the employee can contribute.
  • The work practices and procedures to be followed in the use, handling, processing, storage, transportation, cleaning up and disposal of hazardous substances.
  • The measures used to control exposure to hazardous substances.
  • The proper use and fitting of personal protective equipment.
  • Procedures to be followed in case of an emergency involving hazardous substances or dangerous goods, including any special decontamination procedures to be followed.
  • First aid and incident reporting procedures to be followed in case of injury or illness.


Successful participants will receive a Statement of Completion issued by AdvanceOHS.


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